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Emergency & Temporary Co-Counsel Services

As a trial lawyer doing plaintiff's work, you may find yourself overwhelmed at times by the volume of work you shoulder largely on your own. Defense counsel can leech away your time with stacks of motions, a warehouse of documents, dozens of experts, or an impossible line-up of depositions. Your "manageable" docket of cases can all require your attention at once, with little warning. Or you can suddenly face an unfamiliar issue that leaves you flat-footed at a key moment, such as during trial.

In a time-crunch, you could hire a law student, bring in a contract lawyer from a temporary agency, or retain permanent co-counsel, with all the attendant risks. But why rely on an inexperienced student, an unemployed defense lawyer, or permanent co-counsel who will expect a contingent fee share and a role in your major decisions?

The Law Office of Alicia D. Butler can provide emergency help from experienced, committed plaintiffs' counsel in all aspects of toxic tort, medical malpractice, personal injury, product liability, and class-action cases. Even on short notice. At a reasonable, negotiable rate.
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